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Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes

Chocolate Day marks the third day of Valentine's Week. It represents the sweetness that a relationship must have. On this day, lovers celebrate their love, Friends celebrate their friendship and any other relationship having sweetness by gifting Chocolates! Along with chocolates, one more thing required is Quotes and wishes which we are good at providing. Below are one of the best handpicked Quotes we have specially chosen for you. These Quotes can be sent to friends, Relatives, Co workers, Lovers, Parents and all of those whom you love!
Chocolates represent love life in an exactly accurate way. They are Sweet, Give happiness,their bitterness also has a sweetness in it, the more darker they are, the more tastier they get. Believe us, your lover do deserve to get a chocolate and a beautiful wish on this day.  Enjoy this beautiful chocolate day with someone you love and eats a lot of chocolates...! 

“If There is anything better than a friend, it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson
Happy Chocolate Day

“My therapist told me that the way to achieve the true inner peace is to finish whatever I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&M’s and a chocolate cake. I feel good already.” – Dave Barry

Happy Chocolate Day

“Chemically speaking, chocolates really are the world’s most perfect food.” – Michael Levine

Happy Chocolate Day

Quickly stop Global Warming before all the chocolates melt down....! 

Happy Chocolate Day

Love Is A Sweet Chocolate, It Leaves Sweeter The Taste Of Life, To Put a Sweet Bite For the Next Time and It Makes Our Mind and Heart Feel More Sweeter… 
Happy Chocolate Day 

"Chocolate apologizes so much better than words." 
Happy Chocolate Day

"All we want is love. But a tasty chocolate now and then does not hurt." 
Happy Chocolate Day

"My hand and My mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there ain't any need to involve My brain. 
Happy Chocolate Day

"I am pretty sure that eating chocolates keep wrinkles away because I have never seen a 17 year old with a Hershey bar and crow's feet."
Happy Chocolate Day

"Chocolates are the first luxury. They have so many things wrapped up in them: deliciousness in the moment of childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good."
Happy Chocolate Day

Chocolate is not cheating! After the salty meal, we need a little bit of sweet. 
Happy Chocolate Day

My dear valentine,
I have a sweet chocolate for you,
As smooth as Silk,
I am here with this very special chocolate,
As both of us have been loved for years.
 Happy Chocolate Day

Dairymilk for the love
Kitkat for the special
Bounty for the cool
Mars for the best friend
Sonat for the cute
Galaxy for the stylish
what will you give me?
 Happy Chocolate Day

 A Day Without Chocolate Is A Night Without moon.
Life Without Chocolate Is Like A Beach Without Soft Sand.
Same Thing With The Chocolates, My Life Would Suck Without You ..!
 Happy Chocolate Day

 According to valentine week myth,
February 9 is known as the Chocolate Day.
If you believe in the week long Valentine's celebration,
Feb 9 is the day to gift a box full of chocolates to your dear...!
 Happy Chocolate Day

My dear valentine,
You are unique,
So caring and loving,
Just like a Cadbury milk chocolate
 Happy Chocolate Day

Silk – i miss you
Perk – use and throw
5 Star – i love talking with u
Munch – i love your attitude
Gems – you r cute
Dairy milk – i love you.
Bournville – you are dashing
Nutties – you r naughty
Fruit n nut – cool and sexy
Temptations- you r smart
Milky bar – no 1 can replace you
Crunch – you are my crush
Kitkat – intense lover
Happy Chocolate Day

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