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Happy Kiss Day 2017

Kiss Day is the seventh day of Valentine's Week. Kiss is the most essential gift a lover can give. Kiss on a cheek, kiss on the lips. A lover will need nothing else. Here you can find some of the most amazing quotes, poems and ideas to make this kiss day the most amazing kiss day of Your life!!!
Lovers are meant to love each others, Praise each others and die for each other. But do you Know what is more amazing? Lovers are meant to live for each other, and kiss each other and shower their mate with Kisses and Hugs and Chocolates And Gifts and every thing on this earth that lover needs. Below you can find one such thing, Below, You will find Magical words and poetic works speacially for kiss day. Have a Happy Kiss Day:- 

Kiss On The Hand = I Adore You, 
Kiss On The Cheek = Lets Be Friends, 
Kiss On The Neck = I Want You, 
Kiss On The Lips = I Love You, 
Kiss Anywhere Else =Lets Not Get Carried Away!
Happy Kiss Day

Don not Kiss A Lady Police,
Or She Will Say, Hands-Up.
Don not Kiss A Lady Doctor,
 or She Will Say, Next Pleasee
Anyways Kiss The Lady Teacher,
She Will Say, Repeat It 5 Times!!
Happy Kiss Day

A Kiss Experience Is Like a Sex
 Or Anything Else That is Done
 With More Than a single Person.
 It is The Give And Take which Makes It So much Great.
 When The Lovers Take It To The Next Level, 
We Can Kick It Up To Another Notch
Happy Kiss Day

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